Optical sensors and solar flux control

The project will address three activities, that will result in an advanced AI (artificial intelligence) based automated heliostat-field control and monitoring system:

  • Development of an AI-based aiming point generation method (quickly providing the best aiming point configuration)
  • Development of a smart AI-based heliostat tracking system (thanks to which a precise installation process and periodic offset calibration will not be required)
    • The project will demonstrate this system at CIEMAT-PSA at TRL 6

Augmented reality images processed on a mobile device at CESA solar field at CIEMAT-PSA.

  • Development of advanced high-temperature fibre-optic sensors (enabling accurate and reliable long-term flux and temperature monitoring at the solar receiver)
    • The project proposes a break-through solution by applying optical fibres that guide the incoming solar flux from the receiver aperture toward the light sensor module that can be installed in safe distance from the challenging receiver operation conditions.
Optical sensors developed by engionic