Project public deliverables

  • Specifications of the ASTERIx-CAESar prototypes
  • Techno-economic optimisation and specification of the ASTERIx-CAESar plant concept for distinct use cases
  • Open-source Modelica model library with use-case models ready to simulate
  • Sustainability assessment, circularity, and recyclability potential of ASTERIx-CAESar
  • Social impact assessment of the ASTERIx-CAESar concept

All the deliverables in WP2 are sensitive

  • Optimum low-temperature heat exchanger design (reuse heat of compression)
  • Optimum high-temperature heat exchanger design (solar heat input in power cycle)
  • Process control challenges and recommended methods
  • Overall CAES and power cycle design definition for small and large scale
  • Advanced aiming strategy generation method and demonstration results
  • Smart heliostat tracking system demonstration results
  • Small-scale experimental evaluation results of advanced volumetric absorber modules
  • Demonstration-scale evaluation results of a solar powered hot air CAES expander train – Demonstrating the key components of the ASTERIx-CAESar concept in the relevant environment
  • ASTERIx-CAESar public website and communication materials (logo, leaflet, poster, roll-up)
  • ASTERIx-CAESar project video
  • Pathways for the integration of ASTERIx-CAESar outcomes in EU Policies

All the deliverables in WP8 are sensitive